the dandie dinmont terrier

. . . rough, tough, tenacious, and delightful to know!

One of the rarest* of native breeds, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier was originally bred to hunt otters and badgers in the Scottish borders.

*Just how rare is the Dandie Dinmont Terrier?

With less than 100 pedigree puppy registrations each year, the Dandie Dinmont terrier is firmly on the Kennel Club's list of vulnerable native breeds.  Because of the difficulties Dandie Dinmont breeders have experienced during lockdown, this number has further reduced, with only an estimated 60 puppies born during 2021.

Despite this hunting heritage, the Dandie Dinmont, often nicknamed 'the gentleman of the terrier family', is calm and reserved.  The plucky Dandie Dinmont is one of the brightest of the terriers - but also one of the most independent.

Undemanding, dignified, and relaxed in the home, the Dandie becomes bold and tenacious when his hunting/chasing instincts are aroused. . .  which expresses itself in playfulness.  As for exercise, one look at the Dandie's long, low-slung body and it's very obvious that this breed isn't built for long-distance running!  He is content with daily walks and regular opportunities to play.

History of the breed, their appearance & conformation, the temperament of Dandie Dinmonts and a background of the breeder!

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Link to the history of the Dandie Dinmont breed

A potted history of the breed, including depictions of the earliest Dandie Dinmont terriers in art.

Discover the Dandi Dinmont terrier's conformation.

What is a Dandie Dinmont?  Their unique physical appearance and ideal breed conformation.

Gentle Dandie Dinmont puppy

The character and temperament of this rare, distinctive and most family friendly of terrier breeds.


Sheila Rolland, principal of Dandiroyal breeding

Meet Sheila Rolland, the principal of Dandiroyal. . .  and one of the UK's most respected Dandie Dinmont breeders.

Dandie Dinmont showing champions

Just some of Dandiroyal's showing successes and champions, including Crufts.

Dandie Dinmont terriers, an owners guide

Answers to questions that we are most often asked about sourcing and owning a Dandie Dinmont.

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